Comic: Episode 26

August 19, 2013

episode 26

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May 29, 2013

Gotta show love to this organization for bringing together the Hogs, Sport Bikes, Loweriders, Minibikes, Motorized Bikes, Trikes…etc. All in the name of peace.

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Keepin’ up with Sojones!

January 10, 2012
"sojones logo"

Being an up and coming, emerging streetwear brand, it’s pretty much required to have some general idea of the “who’s who” in fashion. With that being said, we’ve been following the popular, online fashion magazine, for years. Its even been from website like sojones that Dave McClane Clothing received lots of initial information to get started.
After all these years of following and admiring Sojones, guess who’s featured on this weeks Streetwear Spotlight?

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Comic: Episode 25

December 29, 2011

"mcclane in tuctown"

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Introducing… the Dave McClane snapbacks collection.

December 3, 2011

For many moons Dave McClane Clothing has longed for the day of being able to produce caps, but was prevented by the cost of producing multiple colors, sizes, and styles of something quality and fitted. Nonetheless, reemergence of snap-backs has changed that. By jumping in the hat game with snap backs, this removes the need for us to worry about various sizes, which is a big factor.

As of now the Dave McClane hat collection consist of three colors: Black, Red, and Blue -all with a grey brim. The hat features the DM logo embroidered on the front in a clean 3d puff, and the Dave McClane name across the back. It wasn’t easy producing these hats to the uncompromising expectations of the Dave McClane brand, but finally we did it.

"dave mcclane hat"

"dave mcclane snap-back"

"blue dave mcclane hat"

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